Thursday, March 9, 2017

One of Many Snowstorms!

On Sunday, February 5th, we woke up to a lot of snow. Not only that but it was still snowing. It was coming down really hard. We have 9:00 church, so away we went. But when we came out of church at noon it was still snowing. I talked my family into going down below to take some pictures with the falling snow. Good thing my family puts up with all my picture taking! Ha ha! Here are some cool pictures of us in the snow!

We then went home and got nice and warm and cozy in our house. They were calling for a lot more snow. So we had dinner and then decided to watch a movie together as a family. David came over to watch with us. I looked outside and it was still snowing!!

I kept checking the Westwinds Facebook page to see if they were cancelling school. Well they finally cancelled it at 10:30pm. So we had our first snow day. The kids were super excited. The only problem was I had to be at the hospital in Raymond to get my iron by IV. So I took the kids and they went and played with their cousins at Cam and Kim's place.

After I was finished at the hospital, it took about 3 hours, I went and got my kids. We decided to bring home Cassi, Anna and Bella and they came and played at our place. They went outside and had so much fun playing outside with their cousins. Kim and Cam came over later and we had supper together. It was a fun snow day.

Monday, March 6, 2017

A Day In Our Lives!

So I believe this was on January 17th, 2017. I decided to take a picture of our day. Just for a fun of it. It's kind of a picture journal of our day. So here it goes.

Came downstairs to wake up the kids at 7:00am and Brianna was already dressed and doing her hair!

Sleepy Cadence coming out of her room!

DJ walked out with his monkey on his back! Ha ha!

Abbi up for the day.....looking so happy!! LOL!

Cadence eating some yummy oatmeal for breakfast!

Here's DJ's breakfast!

Abbi was still home from school cause she got her tonsils out the week before.

Beautiful winter day!

Abbi doing a little craft I got her!

Home from school and having a snack and watching on the ipad!

Yummy cinnamon buns!

Playing in the snow before it gets too dark out.

Abbi cuddling with Oreo!

DJ and Brianna sleeping in the snow!

Supper time!

Watching tv.

Abbi's ears had been really hurting so she always had a warm rice bag around her head!

Silly Brianna!

Me, curled up in my chair reading my book!

Cadence watching tv in a very tiny rocking chair (it's suppose to be for dolls....but she actually fit in it)!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sledding with Cousins!!

We were so excited to go sledding with Emily and her kids and Shaylee and Mikah. We all met at the Sugar Bowl in Lethbridge. My kids have never gone there before so they were excited. I wasn't sure if it was going to be a hit or not. But they all had a blast. It was so fun to watch and take pictures of all the fun going on.

There goes DJ, Mary and Brianna down the hill together.

There they go!

Cadence flying down!

The long hike up!!

Evan had rolling back down the hill|!

So tired!! Ha ha!

Cute Nate!!
After the sledding we went to Tim Horton's and got some donuts and had hot chocolate. We just hung out there while the kids slowly drank their hot chocolate. It was a lot of fun. Lots of giggling go on! Then Ali jumped in with us and she had a sleep over at our house. Mikah and Shaylee came over too. It was a party house! Ha ha!!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

My Girl's are 11!!

I sometimes feel bad that my girls' birthday is the day after Christmas. We always stay up late on Christmas night and end up sleeping in late on Boxing day, which is their birthday. I always see cute things that people do for their kids birthdays, like filling their rooms with Balloons, or just having the dining room decorated nice. Well that doesn't happen here. We are always tired and wiped out (or maybe that's just me) from Christmas Day. But I always try to make it fun for them.

We ended up cleaning up in the morning and getting ready for their birthday. We'd invited family to come over and sled with the girls. That's what they really wanted to do. So Mikah and Shaylee came first with their mom. The kids went out and had a blast sledding for a bit. But then came in, because it was pretty cold out. Then Cody and Emily came with their kids and they went back outside. Lisa then showed up with her kids so that worked out perfect. They got some sledding in before it got too dark.
It was freezing out and I was so tired, so I just got one picture from the door! Ha ha!

Before Christmas I had the girls tell me what they wanted for their Birthday dinners so we could get the groceries before all the busyness started. So Abbi and Brianna really wanted my homemade hamburger veggie soup and Cadence wanted Hawaiian Haystacks. So that's what we did. Easy enough. Plus we'd have lots, for family to come over and celebrate with us. Then that same day, we stopped at DQ and got them a BIG ice cream cake and had the lady put all their names on it. They were all happy with that. Which made me happy too! Love my girls. They are so sweet and I love seeing them grow into amazing young women! Anyways, back to their birthday day!!

Everyone came in from sledding and we got the food ready and we set it up buffet style. So that made things quick and easy. We had a lot of food, or I should say just enough. We enjoyed having so much family over. It was perfect!
Some of our family all in our basement. It will be so nice to have the upstairs done!

Then we had the girls open their gifts, cause some people had to leave. It's fun to have them all sit together and open their gifts. Little Emmett wanted to be apart of all the fun. So Abbi had him sit with her and let him help her open her presents. It was so cute and he would get so excited. It was cute. I had a hard time this year, trying to think of something to get them. I feel like each year gets harder to get enough Christmas presents and then Birthday presents. So I gave them each a coupon for a bike that we will get in the spring time. That was one of their gifts.
My girls opening their presents, with cute, Emmett helping!

Cadence trying on her sleep mask!

Abbi so excited that she finally got a pocket knife!

Reading their cards from Richard and I saying that we will buy them all a bike!

Looking so cute Brianna!!

Oh so cool, Cadence!!

Eric opening up hit present!

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday to them and their Grandpa Spencer. I totally forgot to get candles, but we had sparklers. So that was their candles. Ha ha....oops! Then we ate their yummy ice cream cake. It was a fun day.
Trying to blow out the sparklers!

This picture just made me laugh out loud! Abbi's expression! Ha ha!!

Our 3 cute girls! So crazy to think that they are 11!!!

Their cool cake!

Our 3 girls are pretty amazing. I knew from the moment they started to move inside me that we were going to have 3 very different girls. And I was right. They are so different that sometimes I have to remind myself that they are triplets! Ha ha!! I love seeing their different personalities. We feel so blessed to have these 3 wonderful girls in our family. Yes, it's been crazy at times, but so well worth it. My girls love hearing our stories about when they were younger. They all laugh and sometimes they've asked us how we did it! Ha ha!!! We love you so much Abbi, Brianna and Cadence.