Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Winter's Walk!

One day, after driving the school bus the sky was looking so cool. Plus it was cold and snowy out and just looked so pretty. So I grabbed my camera and asked who wanted to go out with me. We jumped in the Durango and drove down bottom and then wandered around to take pictures. I love living out in the country. It's so beautiful out here. I could never get tired of it. So thankful that we were able to build and be out here. Even though life has been a bit crazy the past year and things hasn't gotten finished on the house, I'm still so thankful for where we are at. Sometimes it takes me going outside and enjoying nature and just taking in the beautiful sunsets and scenery. Anyways, I thought I'd just share a bunch of my pictures that we took!

On the way back to the house we decided to stop at the tree swing. Cadence really wanted to swing and I took some pictures of her. Our lane looked so cool too! So I took a picture of our lane too.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

DJ's First Cub Car Rally!!

To say that DJ was super excited about his cub car rally is an understatement!! He came home from cubs one Monday with the cub car kit. He wanted to get it done, like right now. They had 4 weeks before the rally. So the next Saturday he kept asking his dad if they can build his car. So Richard took him and his car into Cardston. They got Uncle Justin and they built the car together.

The girls and I decided to make a little girls day for us. We went into Lethbridge so Cadence and Brianna could get their nails done. Abbi wasn't interested in that. So after they got their nails done we went over to Color Me Mine and Abbi picked out something to paint. She loves doing that kind of stuff. I went over to Papa Murphy's and got our supper of pizza. After Abbi was finished we went and go groceries and headed home. It was a fun afternoon.

DJ and Richard got home and they were both excited to show us the car. They did a great job!! Now DJ just had to wait for weeks until the actual cub car rally. It was a killer for him!! Ha ha!!

So the day came for his rally. He was beyond excited. He went in early with his dad, so they could get his car weighed and be ready to go. The girls and I came a bit later. We sat at the end of the track. So DJ's goal for the rally was to have his car go around the loop. They put in the loop after the races. He wasn't too worried about if he was first or not!! Ha ha! He had so much fun. He loved watching all the other boys race their cars too. It was fun to watch and see how excited he'd get!!
He's so excited to watch his car race down!

His car is the 2nd from the left.

Taking his car to the pit stop, where his dad was helping there!

DJ was so proud of his cool car!!

Watching and cheering the other boys on!

He didn't win any races, but I was so proud of my boy. He cheered all the other boys and was so excited for the ones that did win. Way to go DJ!

Then as they were getting the track ready for the loop de loop they had the boys race their cars on the floor. DJ's went far and fast and straight. He won all those!!
Ready, set, GO!!

Then they went and raced their cars around the loop de loop. And most cars were crashing and falling off of it. DJ put his car on his went flying around the loop. He was in heaven. So happy! It was so cute. Glad he had so much fun and came home so happy!!
DJ and his dad! They made this car together!

DJ's car was one of the only ones that made the loop. Its on its way to the finishing line in this picture.

DJ was excited that it made the loop and so were the other boys. They would give DJ high fives! So cute!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Valentines Day!

We had our Family Dance the day before Valentines Day this year. All my kids were really excited to show us their moves!! Ha ha! We got there at about 6pm and it doesn't start till 6:30. It was already pretty packed. So we went to the very top and were able to at least lean up against the wall. That way it doesn't kill my back! Plus we can see the floor really good. They all danced really good. It's really fun to watch them have fun with their class mates.
DJ dancing his heart out. He's in the back in an orange shirt!!

My girls all in the same row, doing their cool dance!!

The very next day was Valentines Day. I ran to Lethbridge to get some things to make a cool Valentines Dinner for my family. I made ribs and mashed potatoes. It's everyones favorite. Anyways, I came back and got things ready. I had to make some treats for DJ's class, and I ran that in. Then I popped some popcorn for all my bus students and put them in paper bags with a chocolate in it. I know the kids are always hungry when they get on the bus, so I thought that popcorn was a good idea! Ha ha!!

Valentines treat for my bus kids!!

Abbi's friend, Taylor, came home with my kids to play for a bit after school. They always have fun together. I got back from the bus and found Abbi and Taylor playing on the insulation with the cats. Silly kids!

After I got home from the bus, I finished putting together the Valentines Dinner I made for my family. The kids were very surprised and excited. I even lit some candles on the table. They thought that was great. So great that they kept blowing them out! ha ha! I made ribs with mashed potatoes and some veggies and gravy. It's everyones favorite. It was a delicious dinner!!

It was a very good day. I love my family so much and was so happy to spend time with them!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

One of Many Snowstorms!

On Sunday, February 5th, we woke up to a lot of snow. Not only that but it was still snowing. It was coming down really hard. We have 9:00 church, so away we went. But when we came out of church at noon it was still snowing. I talked my family into going down below to take some pictures with the falling snow. Good thing my family puts up with all my picture taking! Ha ha! Here are some cool pictures of us in the snow!

We then went home and got nice and warm and cozy in our house. They were calling for a lot more snow. So we had dinner and then decided to watch a movie together as a family. David came over to watch with us. I looked outside and it was still snowing!!

I kept checking the Westwinds Facebook page to see if they were cancelling school. Well they finally cancelled it at 10:30pm. So we had our first snow day. The kids were super excited. The only problem was I had to be at the hospital in Raymond to get my iron by IV. So I took the kids and they went and played with their cousins at Cam and Kim's place.

After I was finished at the hospital, it took about 3 hours, I went and got my kids. We decided to bring home Cassi, Anna and Bella and they came and played at our place. They went outside and had so much fun playing outside with their cousins. Kim and Cam came over later and we had supper together. It was a fun snow day.

Monday, March 6, 2017

A Day In Our Lives!

So I believe this was on January 17th, 2017. I decided to take a picture of our day. Just for a fun of it. It's kind of a picture journal of our day. So here it goes.

Came downstairs to wake up the kids at 7:00am and Brianna was already dressed and doing her hair!

Sleepy Cadence coming out of her room!

DJ walked out with his monkey on his back! Ha ha!

Abbi up for the day.....looking so happy!! LOL!

Cadence eating some yummy oatmeal for breakfast!

Here's DJ's breakfast!

Abbi was still home from school cause she got her tonsils out the week before.

Beautiful winter day!

Abbi doing a little craft I got her!

Home from school and having a snack and watching on the ipad!

Yummy cinnamon buns!

Playing in the snow before it gets too dark out.

Abbi cuddling with Oreo!

DJ and Brianna sleeping in the snow!

Supper time!

Watching tv.

Abbi's ears had been really hurting so she always had a warm rice bag around her head!

Silly Brianna!

Me, curled up in my chair reading my book!

Cadence watching tv in a very tiny rocking chair (it's suppose to be for dolls....but she actually fit in it)!