Friday, November 10, 2017

crazy sofball

cadence and Dj went to the garage.  we play crazy hockey. cadence had rollerblades on  and  me and Dj  were taking  turns  to be the goalee.  It was my turn to be the goalee. I was on my knees and Dj hit the softball. And the softball  hit me in the knee. It really hurt . It gave me a big bruise.                                                      





To day my cousins  are come to my home to go sledding. And to play stuff. I'm excited to the moon and back. My cousins name are Declan and Ela.  

me and Emma at school we are partners for  the science fair it was really fun. We  did  a Crystal for the science fair it was really fun to the moon and back.               


All About Cadence

What does Cadence love to do?

Make  slime  and  to  do art  and  to  play  with  dolls  and  to  dance  and  to  do  play  with  hatchlings.

When is it Cadence's birthday?              Is Cadence grade 7?

Cadence birthday is on boxing day.                                         Cadence is in grade 6. is that so cool.

Is that so cool.                                                                     

Is Cadence  11 or 12?                          

Cadence is 11 turning 12. Is that so cool.

What is Cadence's favorite type of dance?

Cadence loves clogging so much to the moon and back. Is that so cool.

One time cadence and Abbi and Brianna they were playing a game about sharks. And cadence's mom was busy cleaning in the kitchen. She don't know that cadence and Abbi and Brianna were throwing tiny pieces of  play dough on the carpet.  cadence and Brianna and Abbi were saying "feed the sharks". cadence's mom didn't  know that they doing were doing  that. then she looked over and saw the HUGE mess on the carpet. She sent Abbi and cadence and Brianna to bed. do you gise love my story?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Our Drumheller Trip!!

 We decided to go on a little family trip to Drumheller. We've never taken our kids to the Tyrrell Museum before. They were super excited to go! We took off on Good Friday morning. We stopped at Walmart and got a few things for the kids to do as we drove. I drove for half the time and then we switched. I told Richard a few months ago that I was sure the Durango was 10km off. Anyways, so he was going 120km, thinking it was 110. Well we got pulled over and received a speeding ticket. Oops! Totally my fault!

Well we made it to Drumheller by lunch time. After we ate something we headed straight to the Tyrrell Museum. It was an amazing afternoon. The kids were so excited to see everything. The fun thing about it was they had a Easter egg hunt too. We had to find all the eggs and write down where they were. It was a perfect way to spend our afternoon. We had a lot of fun.
Just starting our tour and searching for the Easter Eggs!

They are handing in their papers with their findings of the Easter Eggs.
Showing  me their prize they got!!

My crazy kids on the way out of the museum.

Hello Cadence!! Ha ha!

Then we headed off to the hotel and checked in. The kids were super excited to go straight down and go swimming. So we got in and changed and went down to swim. There was a slide and the kids had a blast playing in the pool. I love swimming with my family. We had a lot of fun.

After swimming we went over to Boston Pizza for supper. It was the perfect place to go because they had a hockey game on the tv. That made DJ very happy. Since he didn't want to go in at first. We left him in the vehicle and then he ended up coming in. Then he was happy cause he could watch the game. Silly boy!

We got back to the hotel and the kids wanted to go swimming again. I just went down with my book and read as they swam. They were the only ones down there swimming for the first 1hr or maybe even more. They loved it They were a little crazy on the slide. It was funny to watch. Then people started coming in and it was getting busier and busier. So away we went.
Abbi swimming with her long, flowing hair!! Ha ha!

Brianna and her dad hanging out in the hot tub!

Cool picture of Abbi coming off the slide.

DJ had a blast on the slide.

Here comes Brianna!

Crazy, fun kids having a blast swimming.

In the morning, after breakfast, we checked out. We stopped at the visitors center where they have this HUGE dinosaur where we can climb up the stairs. It was very big and by the time we got to the top, it was swaying in the wind. We didn't stay up there for very long. But it was still cool to look out at. The kids had fun racing up and then racing back down. Silly kids!!
The HUGE dinosaur and if you look closely our 4 kids on the foot of the dinosaur.

There they are!!

Climbing up all those stairs to get to the top.

Brianna waiting for her slow parents!! Ha ha!!

Look we made it to the top!!

Yes, we were there too!

Then we went back to the Tyrrell Museum (since our tickets were good for 2 days) and went back to our favorite exhibits. It was fun to do it a bit slower and read a bit more. Then the kids really wanted to play on the cool outside playground. So we did that too.
Brianna and DJ being a bit crazy!

DJ playing at one of the display tables.

Watching one of the informative videos!

Checking out a skeleton of an olden day horse.

We got a lot of comments that weekend about our red headed twins. Like I mean a lot!! Ha ha! It was really funny. I know that we always confuse people with our 4 kids that are all about the same height. Makes me smile. I love my family!
Yes, they do look a lot alike!

My amazing red headed "twins"!!

It was a fun weekend. After we finished at the museum we had lunch and then headed for home. It was kind of a crazy ride home. It started snowing really hard just as we started to leave. It was big fluffy snowflakes, which ended up being a slushy mess on the roads. But we made it back home safely. It was a fun weekend away.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Abbi Broke Her Arm!

So on Tuesday, March 7th, I took Abbi to basketball at 7:00am. It was her first week starting the early morning basketball practises. Anyways, I dropped her off and came back home and got ready to go on the bus. After driving my bus route, I got home and the phone rang. It was a sub teacher telling me that Abbi fell on the playground and hurt herself. She told me that she thinks Abbi is ok. I asked if Abbi was crying (I was confused why Abbi wasn't talking to me) and she said yes. So I told her I'd be right there. She was a bit surprised. I told her that Abbi is tough and wouldn't be crying if it was nothing. I was taking her to the hospital. I got there and ran in and got her. The poor girl was sobbing and couldn't move her arm. It was freezing out and I was trying to wrap her coat around her and not jiggle her arm. We got in the car and headed straight for the Raymond Hospital.

Abbi kept telling me to turn around that she was fine....as tears are going down her face. She kept saying, "It's fine mom, my arms not broken." I just smiled and told her we were just going to have the doctor take a look at her arm. She agreed!! Ha ha!!

So we got there and they sent her straight in to get an x-ray. As soon as the doctor looked at the x-ray, he told her that she did a good job at breaking her arm. She broke both bones across the wrist. So they put a cast on her arm and then cut it down both sides for a splint for a few days. That way when it would swell there would be room. So home we went.
The two bones were broken on the wrist....you can see a bump and a faint line across.

Waiting to get the x-ray. She was trying to be so brave, but she was in a lot of pain.

Getting her cast on!!

She was in pain and I made her lay down for the rest of the day. I gave her some Tylenol to help. It was painful for the first few days until she finally got a real cast on. Then it felt so much better. Then she just started complaining about the itchiness. Ha ha!!

She had her cast on for 6 weeks. She was so ready to get it off. So excited. It was just in time too. Cause we went on a little holiday where we went swimming at the hotel. So it was perfect! Plus she was just starting softball too. So that worked out perfect too.

She started playing softball and was doing so good. She loves playing softball and she's pretty good at it too. I love watching and cheering for her. It's always fun! Well then on a Monday, she was playing against a Raymond team. Abbi came up to bat and hit and started running so fast to first base. She kind of looked behind her and ended up tripping over first base. She went flying and landed on her arm. She jumped up and yelled, "I'M OK!" Kind of made me chuckle and then I realized that she wasn't. So I went into the dugout and sure enough she was in pain. So we went home. We iced it and wrapped it and she went to bed. She complained about it a few times during the week. We had it wrapped and she said that helped. Then she went to go play softball the next Monday. She stayed home on the Wednesday. She told me that her arm felt fine and really wanted to play softball on Monday. So she went and played and actually played really good. Afterwards, she cried all the way home. Sheesh, I felt so bad. So I took her to the Doctor the next day. We went in and he sent us for another x-ray. Sure enough it was broken. Same bones. He thinks it wasn't fully healed to begin with. So she got another cast. Poor girl! She wasn't very happy so we went into Lethbridge afterwards, to cheer her up!!
And getting her 2nd cast on!! Ha ha!

We couldn't believe that it was broken again! Sheesh!

I bought Abbi some colorful felts to decorate her cast with!!

Well then, 2 weeks later, I got a phone call from Dr. Bourne. He said that the specialist got a hold of him and said that he was worried about the bones. They weren't healing properly. He thought it would be more beneficial to get fitted for brace and wear that. So we went back in and got the cast off and went straight into Lethbridge to get fitted for her brace. It was worked out good. It's fitted just for her and is hard like a cast, but she can take it on and off easily. She's feeling so much better.
Getting her 2nd cast cut off!!

We were laughing at her tan line!! She was being extra careful with her arm!

And there's her new brace. It works perfectly!!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Ten On Thursday!

1. A few weeks ago DJ came down with a fever out of no where. It was on a Friday. He came home from playing at a friends house and was exhausted and fevered. He went to bed and fell asleep. Not a good sign when it's only 4:00pm. He woke up at about 5:30pm screaming that his head was killing him. I couldn't calm him down. I actually ran him to Emergency cause it kind of threw me off. He's never had a headache before, plus he had a horrible, deep cough, and a fever. But they said it was just viral. So we came home. Well he had a fever all weekend and so on Monday took him to our family Dr and he said the same thing, it was viral. Then on Tuesday, he was very lethargic and his fever kept creeping higher and higher. It was making me a bit nervous. He wasn't feeling good at all. I felt really bad for him. I was telling Richard this at supper time and asking him what we should do. The phone rang at that time. It was Dr. Steed from Emergency in Raymond. He asked to talk to me. He said he was returning my call about DJ. Which was very odd, cause I never called there at all. I told him that but said, "Since you are on the phone, I am worried about DJ." I told him what was going on and that his fever was at about 39 degrees. He told me to bring him in and that they would do a chest x-ray. He said that after 4 days of a consistent fever it tells him that it's not viral. So away we went. They did the chest x-ray and DJ has pneumonia in his right lung. It was pretty bad. Which totally explains everything. So they got him on antibiotics and we also eventually got him some steroids to help with his breathing and the puffer. By Friday afternoon he was starting to feel so much better. He just tired out very easily. Poor guy. But what a blessing that the Dr called at the time he did. It was kind of weird at the time but I'm chalking it up as a HUGE blessing. Kind of cool! DJ is doing much better. He got another x-ray of his chest and it's all cleared up. Yay!
This was when he got home from his friends and crashed on my bed.

He loves laying on my bed and me dumping the clean clothes on him. He thinks its so funny!!

Poor boy was miserable. He seemed to get a lot of headaches with the pneumonia. So this was our solution. It worked well.

2. We have a beaver or two in our creek by our house. They made two very cool looking dams. Then the other night the kids actually saw it swimming around in the water. Who knows how many are in there.

3. Spring is finally here! Yay! So nice out lately. I mowed our lawn for the first time last weekend. I loved being out on the tractor. I got so burnt. My arms and neck were bright red. I seriously can't remember the last time I've ever burnt my arms. So weird.

4. I have a very busy girl on my bus. One day she was out picking weeds while we were waiting for all the kids to get on. She stays in my sight (my rule). Then she jumps up the stairs and I was thinking that she was going to hand over her handful of "Flowers". But nope she looked at me and took a big bite of them. She chewed it all up and swallowed and was like, mmmmm that's delicious. It surprised me and made me laugh. But then she seriously wouldn't stop eating the weeds. It was disgusting. She also tried a dandelion and she ate an ant. Oh boy!

5. I had a special scan done last week to determine if the other "tumor" behind my stomach was an extra spleen. Which is what the dr's were thinking. It took 1 1/2 hrs of me strapped very tightly to a skinny, metal table with my arms over my head. It was pure torture. I could barely get off the table once it was finished. Anyways, Dr. Mack called me a few days later and it isn't an extra spleen. Which is disappointing. But the good news, is it hasn't grown at all. So he's just going to keep an eye on it. We'll do another CT Scan in 6 months and go from there. So that's good. I am feeling so much better. It's been a very slow process but that was to be expected. But I'm just so grateful that things have all worked out. I feel so blessed!

6. We live just East of the Windmill hill! I love looking to the west and seeing those huge windmills. So one Sunday, a few of us went for a little Sunday evening drive. I wanted to take some pictures up there. I think it turned out pretty well! I love taking pictures!!

7. The girls had their track and field day last Monday. I was thinking we would skip it and do something together, but they all wanted to go. So away we went. I spent the whole day with the. I got there just in time for my girls to run the 100m. Then we just went from one event to another. I enjoyed spending the day with my girls. They tried their hardest and I was so proud of all 3 of them. Way to go girls!! I loved watching all three of you compete and cheer on your class mates and just have fun with your friends. I love you all.
Abbi (with her broken arm) and Brianna running the 100m race. Go girls!!

Here comes Cadence, she never ended up running against her sisters. They were disappointed!!

8. On holiday Monday, we had a lot of the Spencer family come out to the farm for a wiener roast. It was fun to hang out and just enjoy each other. We had our hotdogs for lunch and then DJ had fun playing catch with who ever would. He loved it! Then we all went for a walk around the farm. We had Tracey here with her husband, Michael. So we showed them around. It was fun to visit and walk around. It was a really hot day too!! Richard had lunch with us and then kept working on our house. He finished laying down our laminate and then the vinyl in our bathroom. It looks so good!
DJ playing catch.

Great Grandpa Spencer and Seth sitting in the shade.

Hanging out with Grandpa!

Good throw DJ!!

Roasting some mallows with Uncle David.

One of the beaver dams in the creek.

Going for a walk with Tracey and her husband, Mike.

Cooling off in the creek.

9.  Back at Easter we surprised the kids and took them to Drumheller for a little holiday. We got to go check out the Tyrrell Museum. I will do my next post on that. It was a fun vacation. I love hanging out with my family.

10. For Easter we did come back Saturday night from Drumheller. So the kids were able to find their baskets Sunday morning. We had colored eggs the Monday before. The biggest thing was our holiday. So they didn't get tons of candy but they were happy.